Cause Bound

The new semester’s coming up and you’re dreading the long lines and hefty price tag at the college bookstore.  But wait! There’s Cause Bound!

Cause Bound is a college textbook shopping site that meets a few needs: books for kids around the world, comparison shopping for cash-strapped college students, AND our need to feel like we’re making a difference.

Search for your required reading through their website and find the lowest price at one of Cause Bound’s partner sites.  Cause Bound gets a small kickback for directing your business and they redirect $1 per book sold to Room to Read: enough to produce 1 book for kids in their own language.  Everyone wins!


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2 Responses to Cause Bound

  1. Emily says:

    It almost makes me wish I had a need to buy textbooks!

  2. Sugel says:

    College textbooks dont have to be expensive….College is a big business and one of the biggest expenses in this business — next to tuition room and board is college textbooks.

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