Statistics show that any given person is 84.6 percent likelier to be hip if they’re wearing a pair of 4sight sunglasses*.  Maybe it’s because they’re just that awesome to begin with: 4sight gives a pair of corrective lenses to a person in need for every pair of affordable, Italian-crafted sunglasses they sell.  Or maybe it’s how they look in a shiny new pair of Apache Flat-Tops.

My guess? It’s a perfect combination of both.




*Totally made that up. But you get the point.


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2 Responses to 4sight

  1. Ben Midanek says:

    Awesome post! I think your statistic is low, though. It’s at least 98%. Where are the photos of you and Rich rocking out?

  2. I’ll recalculate… the awesomeness of that picture does count for at least a few percentage points 🙂

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