Traditional Medicinals

My boyfriend, Rich, has had a nasty cough this week.  He’s been downing Robitussin, Tylenol, Sudafed… he even had to go to the Pharmacy counter to get the “good stuff”.  Sure, all this stuff is suppressing his symptoms, but at what cost to his body and wallet?

So my friend Emily introduced us to Traditional Medicinals.  Their teas are organic, high-grade herbals that can get you through tough spots, whether you have a sore throat, too much stress, or need to digest.  There’s even a tea for heartburn!  Decide what ails you and then find your options at their handy sidebar.

Many of the teas are Fair Trade Certified and their website introduced me to a new type of certification: FairWild.  FairWild certification standards include the wild growth and collection of herbals, as well as fair payment to the people who collect the herbs.  Another certification for me to look for!

Free shipping on orders over $65 means you should stock up on some boxes before flu (and stress!) season hits about mid-November.   So far I’ve tried their Fair Trade lavender-chamomile de-stress tea (I needed it!), but I’m heading over to pick up Gypsy Cold Care and Throat Coat.  It’ll make Rich AND me feel better.


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One Response to Traditional Medicinals

  1. Sara Garrett says:

    I think they sell this stuff at most Whole Grain/Wild Oats/Fresh Market stores. It’s available in the small organic section of my local grocery–may save on shipping!

    I’ve always wanted to try it now I know it’s good stuff!

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