Hundreds of organic farms all over the world are members of WWOOF: World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.  Organic farmers sign up to host volunteers and provide free food and lodging; volunteers agree to work on the farm 25-30 hours per week. You’ll learn the inner workings of an organic farm and experience a new culture, work on your language skills and make friends.

WWOOF maintains a list of participating farms that you can access by becoming a member.  You do most of the grunt work by calling up member farms and making arrangements.  Your length of stay and particular types of work vary depending on the needs of the farm you contact.

Interested in permaculture?  Looking for immersion opportunities?  WWOOF has recommendations for you.  Think of it as a study abroad for grownups.


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2 Responses to WWOOF

  1. Jen Clinton says:

    Do you know anyone that’s ever done this? I’ve heard great things and some not-so-great things, but it sounds like an awesome way to travel!

    • I’ve heard about it from friends of friends who have done it. There was one story about a farming family that was a little crazy, but it all depends on the homework that you do ahead of time. What sounds really awesome is being able to WWOOF around the world, going from Europe to the Americas depending on the season. If only… 🙂

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